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Frequently Asked Questions

PURE GOLF is Here to Help 

How can I book time at PURE GOLF?

Using the calendar feature from our Booking page, select a booking window in one of our 4 premium bays. 

For first time users, complete the necessary steps to create a user profile. You will then be able to confirm payment. 

Once payment is processed you will receive 2 automated emails: 1. Booking Confirmation 2. Facility Access Link

Once I book, how can I access the facility? 

Golfers will need to access their Access Link email on their phones once they arrive at PURE GOLF. The access link will redirect to an unlock link that will remotely unlock the main entry door. Access link will be enabled 15 minutes prior to a booking window and extend till 15 minutes after a booking window. Golfers will be able to access the same link for re-entry throughout the duration of their booking window.

How does Access to the Fitness Bays work?

At PURE GOLF, all golfers will have complimentary access to our premium fitness bays. Show up 15 minutes prior to your booking window to get loose before your first swing. Golfers will have access to golf specific training aides and equipment. Need to stretch after your round? Complimentary fitness bay access extends for 15 minutes after your booking window ends.

Can I play a round of golf or is it just a virtual driving range?

All bays are equipped with TGC2019 golf. Golfers will have the option to play a traditional round in any one of over 150 000 worldwide courses.

Simply want to work on your game? Access the driving range, chipping area or the practice putting green. All options are available with any booking 

What kind of Launch Monitor technology do you use? 

We will be using the latest QED Launch monitors from Uneekor ( The QED launch monitors provide immediate results such as overhead swing cam, Smash Factor, Club Speed, Club Path, Club Face Angle, Ball Speed, Side/Back Spin, Launch Angle, Apex, Carry, Run and Total Distance.

What is the cost and how does it work if I want to bring guests?

Our hourly rate will be $20 (+hst). Rate will be per bay and NOT per golfer.  Each bay will allow for 4 total guests. 

The booking guest will be charged accordingly at the time of confirming booking online. Payment is accepted using all major credit cards

Cancellation Policy:  Cancellations are accepted up to 24 hours before the start of the scheduled booking. The booking guest must submit an email to detailing the cancellation request. Also, bookings can not be changed or rescheduled. 

I would like to book the entire facility for an event. Is this possible? 

Absolutely! At PURE GOLF we are set up to cater to any event request. Simply email  us at or call us at 1 (855) 915-7873 and our Client Care team will gladly work with you to meet your hosting needs. 

Is there free parking available? 

Yes! There are 2 lots available for parking. If there is no available parking immediately in front of our location, guests are able to park in the back of the building and use the side walkway (parallel with 14th Ave) to access our front door. 


Can I bring food and alcohol? 

PURE GOLF is a self automated facility. As such, guests are NOT permitted to bring food or alcohol on site. If any guests are caught brining alcohol on site they will be banned from further use and may face fines accordingly. 

What if I have any questions or issues with my bay? 

The PURE GOLF client care is available at any time to address any questions or issues. Simply call us at 1 (855) 915-7873 and one of our team members will be happy to assist. 

How do I use the golf sim software? 

The TGC2019 software is very user friendly and easy to navigate. However, there are many options as it relates to gameplay and we highly recommend that guests watch our instructional videos prior to arriving. Bays will also be equipped with helpful guides and tips to make your sessions as enjoyable as possible. 

Also, checkout our TGC2019 cheat sheet for tips on how to play your best. 

What about equipment?

Golfers will have to bring their own clubs to use as we do not have an option for club rentals.

PURE GOLF supplies specially marked balls that are designed to provide the most accurate data with our SIM technology. We ask that golfers do NOT use other balls as this can lead to damage to the screens, which the guest will be responsible to cover as per our Terms & Conditions.


PURE GOLF also offers Birtee tees of all length,  eliminating the need for pushing tees into the ground, but most importantly it eliminates the guess work for achieving a constant tee height.

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