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TGC2019- User Tips

Keyboard shortcuts


Tee to green:

H = Hole flyover

E = Hole aerial view (also used to change ball location in chipping and putting practice areas)

Q = Scout camera: Moves camera to target landing area.

V = View perspective toggle: Standard — Aerial — Slightly elevated — More elevated – Standard (exception: when in scout mode, V key will advance view to green)

C = Hole data (if in scout mode, C key toggles between different shot types)

L = Show lie grid (but has no effect on ball flight)

A/Left arrow/R-click drag left = Aim left

D/Right arrow/R-click drag right = Aim right

Z, X = change down or up a club*

W/Up arrow = Move view forward (scout mode) / or ball drop area forward (unplayable/penalty area mode)

S/Down arrow = Move view back (scout mode) / or ball drop area back (unplayable/penalty area mode)

I = Recall ball/club data window

R = Auto Rewind (aka mulligan) 

F = Remove flag


ENTER key = advance hole when holed out; or drop ball when dropping from unplayable/ penalty (or after moving ball in practice area).


NOTE: *manually selecting a club type is only important for fringe putting (need to manually select ‘putter’) and when in scout mode to gauge where a selected club is likely to land.


Scout mode (when looking at target area) :

Z, X = change club and show likely landing area

W/up arrow , S/down arrow = move view forward / back

V = advance view to green

C – show hole data then toggles between likely landing area for normal/punch/pitch/chip/flop shots (available shots vary depending on club)

Scroll – zoom


Estimating distance to a specific point on course for current shot – in scout mode, use the known distance you hit each club as a guide to where that club is likely to land, and advance through successive clubs until that club matches the intended target. Alternatively, use the mini map and hover cursor over the target spot.


Unplayable / Penalty area drop mode

Z, X – toggle between drop options e.g. near point of water entry or reload on tee. Drop circle: arrows facing outwards = ball is moveable forward/back; arrows facing inwards = ball not moveable; large cross in centre = ball outside legitimate drop area

W/up arrow, S/down arrow –move drop location forward/back (if allowed)

R-click drag – to change perspective

Enter – to drop ball

Scroll = zoom



Essentially the same shortcuts as tee to green.

G = Green grid on/off

F = Remove flag (when off the green)


Practice area

E = Change ball location. Right click drag to change perspective. Mouse moved to change drop circle position then press enter. Drop circle: large cross = illegitimate drop; small dot = legitimate drop.


Menu options

Main in-game menu (M/ESC key)

Rewind shot – Take a mulligan

Auto-rewind – Auto-mulligan (useful for practice)

Declare unplayable – Drop ball somewhere else

Turn order – Switch between turn based and head to head play

Change rivals – Add or remove players


Game play strategy

Club selection

For sim play, club selection within the app only assists in surveying shot options. It doesn’t influence the ball trajectory. e.g. in scout mode, changing the club with the Z/X keys will change the predicted landing area.


Bunkers and rough

Rough adjustment: Light = 7%, Heavy = 14% (except chip/lob shots)

Bunker adjustment: < 40y = 40%, > 40y = 5-7%



Uphill: 1 inch = 1 foot adjustment.

Downhill: 1 inch = 2 foot adjustment

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