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Markham's Premier Indoor Golf Simulator Training Facility. Fully automated and conveniently open 7 days a week, year round.

$22/hr + tax 
Open 8am-3am everyday

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At  PUREGOLF  we offer a Premium  virtual golf experience without the premium cost.

Work on your game with our state of the art SIM technology or play 18 at your favorite local course. A fully self-automated facility designed to maximize your golfing fun. 

Our custom bays are equipped with the largest screens  in the industry, providing an immersive golfing experience that truly stands out against the competition. Swing and play freely in any of our 4 private bays. 

All Pure Golfers will also have full access to our exclusive fitness bay. Equipped with the tools and guides to get you best prepared to swing optimally. Access to the fitness bay will be available prior to your SIM booking.  





Accuracy | Speed | Consistency

What does it mean to hit it "PURE"?

To consistently increase your accuracy and speed without any wasteful motion in your swing. 


Master this, and you can expect more power, distance and more greens

The Pure Experience
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